Yearly Program

Spring, challenge

apply & interview for LG Global Challenger When LG Global Challenger recruitment begins in March, students form groups of four, decide their expedition topic and make a blueprint. The blueprints submitted through the LG Global Challenger website are evaluated and selected for an interview and only 35 teams (Thirty Korean teams & Five global teams) gain the honor to become the challenger member in final.

Summer, honored

LG Global Challenger opening ceremony 35 teams finally selected are designated as an official challenger member and members ruminate on their commitments in the launching ceremony. CEO of LG and affiliated companies attend the ceremony celebrating the passion and courage of the members.
After the ceremony, members are educated for four days in LG Academy (In-Hwa-Won), LG’s human resource development institution. The members not only learn about the vision of LG, global mindset and teamwork, but also meet their senior challengers and have a time to build friendship and become true LG Global Challengers.

Midsummer, globalize

The global expedition After choosing the field you can freely choose subjects of expedition which is related to the field you’ve chosen. The expedition period will be 10 nights and 11days whenever you feel free to travel, from July 15th to August 31st. (In the case of international students, 13 nights and 14 days) For students, LG group will give you full financial support, including full amount of transportation expenses, accommodation cost, activity cost and safety education
Also, All teams broadcast their activities through movies, pictures, or texts. All of the contents made by students are uploaded on LG Global Challenger Website. Every year, nearly 300 pages of internet broadcasting contents are watched by more than 1.7 million visitors.

Autumn, fruit

The evaluation of reports and presentation Challengers who finished their expedition are given a month to make a written report of their gains in reasonable length. The reports and presentation are evaluated and the best 11 teams (Including Global Prize for international students) are awarded with trophies and scholarship. Especially, the teams that won the grand prize are offered with internship and a job in LG. (In the case of international students, only offered with internship)

Winter, Sharing

LG Global Challenger awards After the awards, the expedition reports are gathered into a book and donated to public libraries, university libraries and companies throughout the nation for it to be used as a resource for studies and research. The original text is put up in the official LG Global Challenger website for everyone to use.