LG Global Challenger opening ceremony 2014 In 1995, as the world was moving into globalization, LG group also had pledged to be globalized themselves. As a part of their globalization planning, we had decided to create an expedition program for university students. It was created based on the certain objects; 1st, to support students to study deep into the subject they want to learn, 2nd, to give them endless challenge. It was also created for Korean students to experience and suggest present visions. This expedition program, 「LG Global Challenger」 is the very first and the oldest overseas expedition program for Korean undergraduates. Since its first introduction in 1995, it became the major overseas expedition program most popular among university students with the competitive rate of 21:1 every year.

The global expedition Students freely choose the expedition theme and country, and visit ‘world’s excellent sites’. Six expedition fields of 「LG Global Challenger」are Natural Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Economy · Management, Humanity · Social Science and Culture · Art. The members of LG Global Challenger spend 2 weeks of their summer vacation according to each team’s autonomous expedition plan participating in the exploration activity in government agencies, laboratories, universities, companies and social organizations that have the world’s best knowledge and know-how.

LG funds all the expenses during the expedition period including flight fee and expedition expenditures and also give scholarship after reviewing Challenger report students handed in after the program. Furthermore, to those teams that received grand prize, LG provides internship and even a job offer.

Meanwhile, LG publishes students’ expedition report into a book and distributes to universities and public libraries. LG also posts reports on the website of 「LG Global Challenger」 (www.lgchallengers.co.kr) so that students, companies, and government agencies could freely use it.

LG Global Challenger awards 2014 LG Global Challenger expand its’ opportunity to international students studying in Korea for its’ 20th anniversary. 5 teams, 20 international students (4 students for 1 team) will be selected as LG Global Challenger and given the opportunity to explore freely in Korea. During 10 nights and 11 days, they can learn about technologies, cultures and systems that they want to benchmark to their country.
As well as Korean students, “Global Prize” with some prize money and internship offer of LG group companies in Korea, will be given to a team of international students.