Footsteps of LG Global Challenger : Expedition distance circles the earth more than 331 times

Footsteps of LG Global Challenger For the past 21 years, LG Global Challengers have gone through an expedition with its distance circling the earth 331 times or more. The total distance of expedition is approximately 13,237,38km visiting 810 cities of 62 countries.

The applicants until 2015 last year are measured to be about 50 thousand people. So many undergraduate students, so many that fill Jamsil Baseball Stadium, applied for LG Global Challenger for the past 20 years. It produced 690 challenger teams with 2,620 challenger members.

Changes in trend of LG Global Challenger

Changes in trend of LG Global Challenger As the LG Global Challenger program carried on, the expedition trend evolved.

The expedition theme of the first LG Global Challenger expedition in 1995 was related to high technology and industry such as “Case Study of Corporate Use in the Field of Human Engineering,” “Diagnosing the Future of High Speed Information Network in the 21st Century.”

After the year 2000, topic of interest widened to varieties of fields from advanced society systems to cultural issues such as “Research on Improving Children’s Playground(02)”, “On Raising Qualities of Camps for the Handicapped(03)”, “Developing and Activating Korean Festival Model through Analyzing Modern Festival Culture(05)”, “Studying Modern European Death Care Service and Researching Korean Model(06)” and etc.

Moreover, as the information networking area develops, field of “Information network and technology” was added in 2003 to the existing four fields of application, “Natural Science”, “Economy and Management”, “Humanity and Social science” and “Culture, Art and Gymnastics”, broadening the expedition to the high tech fields such as M-Commerce, RFID, Ubiquitous and Hydrogen Energy.

Expedition Outcome of LG Global Challenger

Expedition Outcome of LG Global Challenger The expedition reports that LG Global Challenger members created after their expedition are considered as a research material in bringing modern technology and culture in Korea. “Space of Multi Film Culture in Advanced Countries” in 1996 became the foundation of the Korean-type multiplex theater, and “Whole New Bus Research to Resolve Traffic Problem” in 2002 and “Monorail, Runs the Future of Korea” in 2005 were asked by the government agency for the data and were used as the research paper in establishing the administration policy.

Don’t Miss the opportunity to explore freely in Korea!

LG Global Challenger for international students in Korea With the drastic increase of the international students in Korea in the past decade, LG plans to initiate a program that can provide more opportunities for the international students to learn about Korea.
2014, To celebrate LG’s 20th anniversary, the LG Global Challenger is looking to provide a brand new program for international students to explore Korea for 10 nights and 11 days which all expenses will be covered by the company.
It is a great opportunity for foreigners to learn state-of-the-art technology, the system of the company that has been proven successful and the unique Korean culture. We are looking forward to hearing from you.