LG글로벌챌린저 2019 서류 합격자 발표 – 외국인 유학생 부문

LG Global Challenger 2019 서류합격자 목록
접수번호 주제
G0189 Growing industry of eSports shaping the future of Korean next generation
G0104 How can Korea retain skilled foreign students or qualified workers to retain in Korea and increase the workforce?
G0741 “Will Robots take over the World? – South Korea perspective”
G0079 Exploring Korea’s renewable energy sector and future perspectives
G0350 South Korea’s Transition Into An Eco-friendly Society (친환경사회로 도약하는 한국)
G0281 Social welfare for people with disabilities and disadvantaged groups in South Korea
G0262 Vegetarianism & production of vegetable
G0187 More than Just Business: South Korea’s Move Towards a Value-Centric Economy
G0217 How Stress Shapes Modern Society in Different Regions of South Korea.
G0446 17~20세기 한국 지성사의 흐름을 찾아서
G0604 Veganism in Korea
G0912 The Road to Renewal: How Theming Can Change Lives
G0492 The spirit of today’s youth startups in Korea
G0185 Contemporary Art Journey: Exploring Korea as an International Art Hub
G0001 한국 반찬의 매력 발견/ Discovering the charm of Korean’s sidedishes

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