Go Team From Seattle via Washington D.C to Newyork

Visiting to Boeing was great, They hosted us full  heartedly and managers arranged whole day schedule for us.


Believe or not, there was a happening on the day we departed to Washington, due to mechanical problem, 2 United


Airlines planes were canceled, so there were thoudsands of passengers made us take so long time that we missed our


plane, fortunately, agents there did a great job for us.. Eventually we had to transfer 3 times to get to Washington.



And Washington more than anything else.  Jesus Christ, it was 40 degree every day..so smuggy even breathing was


hard.. After visiting Flightsafety foundation on the first day. We had an arrangement at National Transportation


Safety Board and NTSB Academy, which is located in Virginia, 40 min drive from Washington D.C downtown.


At NTSB Academy they had TWA-800 reconstructed from single pieces, according to the dean it cost $30~35 million


to re-build.


Now we’re in Newyork city, Thank god, it’s much cool down here..


We just came back from Broadway, we guys watched musical “The beauty and the beast”.


Ah.. We took some photos at Times square of course LG Ad had been a background..


We’ll post our photos as soon as we can..



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